Two Sustainability Costs & Walmart’s New Supply Chain Fees

Walmart announced last week it would require all suppliers to pay warehousing and shelf stocking fees. The new policy, the company says, brings consistency to supplier treatment as some vendors had been charged in the past, whereas others had not. Walmart claims the changes are aimed at working with suppliers to serve “shared customers” and achieve the low prices “they expect and deserve.” The fees may be yet another way take squeeze more out of suppliers who will be tempted to further externalize costs labor, communities and the environment many of which make stuff the world hardly needs let alone deserves high prices on.

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G7 Leadership Punting the end of Carbon?

I am told we should applaud the recent announcement by G8 leader on ending carbon use by 2100. We should do so because it is a truly moment of unity on a crucible of our age.

The G8 leaders have put the strongest rhetorical line in the sand threatening to push and that is very good but words alone will not be strong enough to easily and quickly overcome entitlements, national self-interest, market inertia, influential, obstinate, well-financed vested interests, and cheaper fossil fuels.

The problem, most inconveniently, is now however and not in 85, not in 50, not even in 30 years. Until we seen swift effective action we must assume G8 leaders are simply punting to those next in line.

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Sustainability Subsidies, Solar Power, Trains and Glorious Bastards

Much has been made of the $5.3 trillion global fossil fuels subsidies and many have vilified subsidies in the process. It is well known that not all subsidies are equal, nor is there consensus on which ones are good or not.
The more conservative among us tend to be fine with defense or industrial agriculture subsidies, but balk at “green” subsidies, pointing accusatory fingers at the not-so-long-ago Solyndra debacle as evidence of left-wing nuttery.

The smarter response to Solyndra is, however, not fewer, but more green subsidies.

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The Sustainable Century Podcast Featuring Guest Coro Strandberg on Social Value Creation

In this episode of The Sustainable Century podcast, host Marc de Sousa Shields speaks with Coro Strandberg about shared value,

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Corporate Sustainability Strategy & Whose to blame when things go Wrong

In this inaugural episode of The Sustainable Century Podcast, David Chandler of the University of Colorado discusses corporate sustainability strategy with host Marc de Sousa Shields, exploring the themes of corporate stakeholder influence, responsible consumerism and who is a fault when things go really bad for companies.

With a PhD and MS in Management, David knows his stuff! He is co-author of Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Stakeholders, Globalization, and Sustainable Value Creation.

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