Investing in BIG OIL? Be Sustainable & Get OUT NOW!

Triple Pundit, one of my fav. corporate sustainability websites, recently published an article on the growing queue of governments suing

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VW Say it Aint So… An Enormous Sustainability and Brand Fail

VWs, I used to love them. But how can I now? How can anyone? Manipulating emissions tests? Wow? That’s the

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G7 Leadership Punting the end of Carbon?

I am told we should applaud the recent announcement by G8 leader on ending carbon use by 2100. We should do so because it is a truly moment of unity on a crucible of our age.

The G8 leaders have put the strongest rhetorical line in the sand threatening to push and that is very good but words alone will not be strong enough to easily and quickly overcome entitlements, national self-interest, market inertia, influential, obstinate, well-financed vested interests, and cheaper fossil fuels.

The problem, most inconveniently, is now however and not in 85, not in 50, not even in 30 years. Until we seen swift effective action we must assume G8 leaders are simply punting to those next in line.

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