11 Sustainability Experts Share Ideas for a Happy Holiday Season – Podcast


It’s been quite a year.

We saw an awful lot of great things happen; and some things we’d rather not dwell on.

But we can have faith.

There are millions of tireless, selfless folks the world round aspiring to bring more sustainability into their lives and into the world.

Be it the ClimateKids, the amazing people at NGOs like the World Wildlife Fund or Greenpeace, families that faithfully practice the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), Green Party members and their political allies in and out of government, agro-ecological farmers, Extinction Rebels (go XR), folks at the United Nations, and millions more, each making a difference in their own ways, both large and small.

In them and with them, we can see light, we can see hope, we can see love.

And where we can see this, where we see love, we can imagine and make a brighter future.

With these thoughts in mind, we invited a few friends of The Sustainable Century to record their thoughts and ideas on ways to celebrate a more and sustainable festive season.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, and that no matter who you are, where you live, you can spread the word of love and peace all around. Its as Alice Korngold says in the podcast: we are all sustainability leaders; we only need choose to be one and it will be so!

May the coming years be our best years ever.

May the gods great and small bless us all.

Want to reach out to our friends…. here are their contacts!

  • Marissa Rosen, Social Media for Good! @MarissaR1 on Twitter or climatesocialmarketing.com  
  • Jim Roth, Zamo Capital Founder and High Impact Investment Guru!, zamocapital.com 
  • Jenn DeRose, Known and Grown and Incredible Foody, knownandgrownstl.org and Known & Grown STL on Facebook
  • Quang Nguyen, One of Asias Super Sustainabilty Consultants, Quang Ngoc Nguyen on Facebook
  • George Benson, Amazing Urban Sustainabilty Guy! @GeorgeprBenson on Twitter
  • Andrea Learned, The Best and Amazing Bike Activist, @AndreaLearned on Twitter
  • Susan Shaine, Incredible Freelance Journalist @susan_shain on Twitter
  • Joel Solomon, Impact Investor, CoFounder of Renewal Funds Company
  • Jo Flatt, Incredible Urban Sustainabilty Expert @JoFlatt on Twitter
  • Coro Strandberg, Corporate Sustainabilty Expert! @CoroStrandberg on Twitter 
  • Alice Korngold, Non Profit and Board Leadership Guru, @alicekorngold on Twitter


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