Friday, November 27, 2020

The Mission of The Sustainable Century

As individuals, as nations and as humanity, many of us are only beginning to wake up to the realization of just how much our human footprint has marked and is destroying our environment and our planet.  At the Sustainable Century Network we believe that together, and as individuals, we can do our part to make the changes we need to turn this around. Even just one small action or change in our life today, can have a huge impact for the future. This excites us.

As part of a larger movement of organizations, businesses, and people, The Sustainable Century Network seeks to provoke informative and entertaining engagement so each of us – as voters, professionals, consumers, investors, family and community members – has the information, inspiration, and tools to make our own greatest contribution to a just and sustainable world.

The United Nations published a report in 1987 known as the Brundtland Report defines sustainable development as:

“Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Who's in TSC hub right now?


Marc de Sousa-Shields

Marc’s work in corporate sustainability spans three decades, working in over 40 developed and developing countries with some of the largest companies, multi-lateral agencies and non-governmental organizations in the world. It has been his honour to work with poor women farmers in Malawi whose financial skills could run rings around anyone he knows, middle class community organizers, heads of Central Banks, Fortune 500 CEOs, amazing sustainability thinkers, leaders, movers and shakers, and more. These experiences over the past thirty years inform his understanding of the possibilities and the constraints facing consumers, families, communities, governments and companies and their stakeholders in the pursuit of more and better sustainability. His goal, as one of many millions of …..activists??? around the world, is to help enable and inspire people and institutions who aspire to a more sustainable world.

Marc is Canadian and holds a BA from the University of British Columbia and an MA from the University of Toronto. He is the father of three amazing bi-cultural kids and has lived in Mexico for the past 22 years.

Tonia Sousa-Shields

Tonia is a powerhouse who moves mountains and people when it comes to creating spaces to generate the kinds of transformations we would like to see happening to help make our world better. She has 30 years of entrepreneurial and social change experience, designing, funding, implementing, monitoring and evaluating multi-stakeholder projects in community and social enterprise, micro-finance, regional/community economic development, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. 

As a Consultant and Coach, Tonia believes that change happens at all levels, that commitment and responsibility is critical, but that the greatest impact happens when we work together. She specialises in concept development, programme design and start-up of cross-cultural, international and multi-stakeholder initiatives – working with individuals and groups at the next of the private sector, public sector and civil society – skills and interests she brings to The Sustainable Century network.

Tonia is Canadian and holds a BA from the University of Toronto and an MBA from the MIT. She is a mother of three amazing, bi-cultural kids and has lived in Mexico for the past 22 years.


Jackie Robinson

Jackie is a translator, writer and teacher and has specialized in managing and coordinating artistic and educational projects in both the US and Mexico. 

The Sustainable Century is a catharsis for this tree hugger, where she can research, share, discover, explore and inform on the latest news concerning our earthly home.  At the TSC, she is dedicated to providing readers with access to information and products she discovers to promote healthier lives for ourselves and the planet. 

She is the mother of two amazing, bi-cultural kids and has lived most of her adult life in Mexico. 

You can also find Jackie at

Marc de Sousa-Shields is co-founder of the Social Investment Organization (SIO), UN and the World Bank advisor, and contributor to on-line corporate sustainability magazines including Triple Pundit and Sustainable Brands. He’s worked in 80 countries, blogs at, and when not on the road he lives in Mexico.