An Optimistic Vietnam Despite #ClimateCrisis – Sustainable Century Solutions Podcast with Special Guest Dr. Quang Nguyen



At the end of the Vietnam War, Vietnam underwent many years of intense food shortages. Through incredible hard work and innovation, the country achieved food independence in the late 1990s. This hard won victory is now under threat as the #ClimateCrisis impacts this South East Asian country.

Join Marc de Sousa Shields, host of The Sustainable Century Solutions Podcast, as he talks with Dr. Quang Nguyen, author and agricultural development specialist, about the global #ClimateCrisis and how it is impacting his homeland.

With its low-lying agricultural areas dramatically affected by changing weather patterns, rising seas, increased soil salinity, and more, Vietnam is among several countries feeling the greatest impact of the #ClimateCrisis. 

Despite dire threats to their hard won food secuirty, agricultural export earnings, and community livelihoods, Dr. Quang and his compatriots remain optimistic, as they innovate and adapt to new climate realities.


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