The Stockmarket & the #BlackRockProclamation – Hope & Doubt.


Saturday is the start of my week’s information cycle. Often as not, I treat it as an Information Sabbath. It is a day to take breather from the past week’s barrage of thoughts, ideas, projects, and data.

This past Saturday morning, however, was greeted with a visceral graphic about the stock market provided by @RealityCloudTV and tweeted by Clime_IT (see their mix of smart tweets @ Clime_IT).  The tweet led to an Instagram post which explained, “This is the precise reason why you should strive to build your wealth through building companies, rather than playing with paper and digital trades!”

Make investment money building stuff sustainability not just by investing but by being connected to your investments? What!? In my recent book, Invest Like You Give A Damn, I show being connected to your investments is great because you feel responsible for its impacts. Its also great because the more you pay attention to your portfolio, the more profitable it usually becomes. Minding the sustainability of YOUR company, just makes sense.

This made me wonder what a movement of SRI investors/investor groups, each adopting a company to nurture/push towards greater sustainability, might be a great way concentrate the forces of sustainable and responsible investors. What do you think?

On another theme this week and nicely juxtaposed to the @Clime_IT tweet, there was much ado about Blackrock’s CEO and founder Laurence D. Hink’s Blackrock Proclamation. He warns company profits aren’t enough to merit attention from the $6T under Blackrock’s management. Companies, he wrote, must “contribute to society or we are OUT.” One must ask: Will Mr. Hinks forgo the trading that builds nothing but paper profit?

For more on this, read Leon Kaye’s fine Blackrock post in Triple Pundit.  Look next for my podcast with Sustainability Super Woman and Editor in Chief at Triple Pundit, Jennifer Boynton where we will opine on Blackrock coming out of Davos and more.

My own reaction to the proclamation? Well, it was certainly and pleasantly cathartic to see important news not connected to politics. Yet, after thirty years of hearing public investor posturing on corporate sustainabilty, there are many reasons for healthy doubt. But as a friend of mine reminded me, there is a basis for hope too. Will the #BlackRockProclamation have a substantial impact on corporate sustainability behavior? Is it, as Andrew Sorkin of the NY Times suggested, “watershed moment” for sustainably thinking economies.  Actions speak louder, so let’s wait and see.

If you an opinion, drop me a line.

(See my related article which takes a deeper look with hope and skepticism on corporate commitment to sustainability and #TheBlackRockProclamation…. )


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