Blade Runner Apocalyptic or Happier and Healthier, Sustainable Cities?


Cities. Some people love them. Some people hate them.

Regardless of how you feel about cities, they are becoming more numerous, densely populated, and complex. They are also getting bigger and how we manage them will determine if they will contribute to a happier and healthier, more sustainable future.

Jo Flatt, Program Coordinator at Evergreen, is an advocate and practitioner for/ of urban sustainability and social enterprise. Evergreen is an award winning non-profit helping to make Canadian cities happier, healthier and more sustainable.

Coach Houses, Thick Networks, and Technology
What do we want our cities to look like in the future?

In this podcast, Jo and Marc talk about many different ways large and small cities can become more livable and sustainable. They also discuss the challenge of vested economic interests blocking change and the hard work of putting together community coalitions. Jo also shares her experience and insights on how to put into action simple to envision, but hard to implement sustainability ideas, from coach houses to urban gardening . The secret sauce (in some cases!): ‘thick’ community networks.

How Will Cities Evolve?

“We are at a decision point,” Jo says, “Do we want our cities to become more sustainable, connected, vibrant, and livable?” Or, do we want Blade Runneresque apocalyptic?

If the next generation of leaders are going to save the world they are going sound a lot like Jo. Check out Jo and her work at Evergreen and see for yourself that vibrant and livable cities are the way to go!

Learn more about Jo and Evergreen at: ; or on Twitter: @evergreencanada @joflatt

Note: Jo did an internship on corporate social and environmental responsibility in my company ESGC some ten years ago. We would love to take credit for Jo’s success, but cant. We do take pride in all she has done and continues to do!


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