The Battle for a Regenerative Economy: Business as Usual 5 – Sustainability 1 – This Week in Sustainability


Ten years ago, I named my first book The Sustainable Century by Design or Disaster.

It wasn’t a great book. I had faith, too much faith, in markets, consumers and companies to first realize sustainability change was desperately needed, and then even more faith in them to make it happen.

Now, as far as I can judge, it’s team Business as Usual 5, Sustainability 1. And this despite all we have learned from the Covid19 pandemic.

There are rays of hope. Solar and wind are beating fossil fuels on price, Tesla and Volvo make the electric cars look very hot, Covid19 has rid the streets of vehicles and people really seem to like it carless.

Still, the forces of ‘profit first’ and the ‘business as usual’ inertia it causes, has Team Sustainable at a great disadvantage (not to mention the subversion of democracy it can foment).

Transition to the desperately needed regenerative economy is possible, but, like the Covid pandemic, will require massive government support as we rapidly phase out the fossil fuel economy – the only economy we have ever known. that is unnerving and much dislocation, much more than globalization ever caused is coming. A guaranteed income scheme might be an important part of the transition.

How likely is this?

Join me and find out on This Week in Sustainability


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