Ecocide: One Law to Protect the Earth. A Conversation with Ecocide Law’s Jojo Mehta

Jojo Mehta is Director and Co Founder of Ecocide Law which is working to have ecocide the fifth law at the International Criminal Court.

Join The Sustainable Century Solutions Podcast host, Marc de Sousa Shields as he speaks with the incredible and inspiring Jojo Mehta, Director & Co-Founder of Ecocide Law, whose singular mission is to create one law to protect the earth. Listen to Jojo and Marc as they discuss the fascinating journey of Ecocide Law taken towards establishing the fifth law in the International Criminal Courts: Ecocide, a crime against humanity and all species.

SPECIAL Bonus track at the end of the recording on sustainability tattoos, getting arrested with Gail Bradbrook of the Extinction Rebellion, and sorting things out with organic goat cheese.

Get inspired on Twitter…. @Jojo_Mehta or @EcocideLaw (same on Facebook!).

Marc de Sousa-Shields @csrcounts.


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