Endangered Plants, Your Health and How to Save the Planet….


Every year, German horticultural associations turn the spotlight on specific plants and fungi that deserve our love and attention.

Beyond identifying amazingly plants and fungi, the Germans also highlight the extinction of a couple of plants. Their loss is primarily due to loss of habitat, and as many know, humans are hard on habitats. More dangerous, we are cutting one habitat off from the next.

Contiguous habitats need one another to remain vital. Separating them with buildings, roads, concrete, and cities helps to ruin them by choking-off of species. Not just elephants, tigers, pandas and the sort, but fungi, mosses, insects… each as vital to healthy habitats as the next. Not coincidentally, vibrant habitats are critical our own health as well.

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Two plants to make the Germans’ list are the river dweller and the common apple moss. Neither are household names. Neither are cuddly as a panda.  But if the world is essentially one giant habitat – and it is –  then losing even the less than “huggable” species, is a crime against their species and our own .

The Common Apple Moss Wants YOU!

There are many ways to help restore our shared habitats. Circulate the Germans’ photos. Give generously to conservation groups (among my favorites are the in your face Greenpeace and the thoughtful Conservation International). Check your portfolio for companies that worry about habitat conservation or building a circular economy (zero resource use – check out Morning Star investment site for options). You can also buy my book Invest Like You Give a Damn! And, always buy local organic food when you can! (the link on organic takes you to a page listing six apps for sustainable food buying).

Me? In addition to much of that above, I am printing a photo of the common apple moss and putting it on my desk. There it will stand as a reminder to do what I can as an investor, shopper, and a member of the apple moss’ habitat.

Thanks again to German sister and brothers at the horticultural associations, superb!


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