Excessively Exorbitant: The Rise of CEO Pay in America


CEO pay has been rising since the late 1980s and has reached incredible heights, defying any correlation with work performance. Rosanna Landis Weaver of As You Sow explains why it rose and how it is bad for all things sustainable.

Active shareholders are working to make the world a happier, healthier more sustainable world.  In 2019, there were over 300 sustainability resolutions heading to the annual general meetings of publicly listed companies.

That’s a lot of resolutions.

One of the most pressing issues is the income gap between those at the bottom of the pay scale and those at the top. 

CEO pay growth, which has steadily advanced over worker pay during the last twenty years, is indicative of systemic economic inequality. It also works to entrench vested economic and political interest. This represents a substantial barrier to shifting from an unsustainable to a sustainable economic model.

But why would our business leaders want to change a system if they make 200, 500 even 1,000 plus times more than those who work for them?

Join me with Rosanna Landis Weaver of As You Sow, when she explains why a CEO at a pizza company may not be worth 1,300 of their chefs, counter folk, and servers.

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