Exxon and a Badge of Shame


Yesterday we learned that Exxon will ban The Guardian newspaper from attending its annual general meeting for what it calls “biased” reporting.


As in Exxon’s 40 years of repressing business busting climate science findings?  Or what about a long-time company executive cum US lobbyist who in early 2001, successfully “squashed” US government venues presenting overwhelming climate change evidence in favor of focusing on gaps and uncertainties?

Then yes, The Guardian is biased about good reporting. Badge of honor to them.

Good grief, let’s face it: almost all reporting is biased these days. But transparency and access to information is fundamental if the economy is going to efficiently meet the needs of society. Like it or not Exxon, climate change is more important than you. And besides, if we don’t have information how can we make informed purchases, which, increasingly figure what kind of world we want to live in.

Want more fuel on this fire?

Once Exxon sunk its teeth into natural gas fracking to become the leading US natural gas provider, lo and behold, it changed its tune about that climate change stuff. In a Janus-like epiphany, an Exxon company representative said in 2009, we “recognize the risk” of climate change and have to stop associating ourselves with all this uncertainty research.

Exxon later went on to support a carbon tax which would hurt higher carbon producing coal far more than natural gas. So the environment is now more important?

It’s so very hard to take Exxon seriously about anything. Take fracking. Exxon is essentially fracking the hell out of every crevice in America. Its great  for Americans they say, even as millions are protesting and dozens of state and municipal jurisdictions are banning it. Meanwhile Exxon’s CEO, Rex Tillerson, is suing a fracking company for having the nerve to do the very same, but in his back yard. 

My own take: skip the part where we spend millions to find Exxon and their Fossil Fuel compatriots guilty like the tobacco companies of scheming to defraud the public. Let’s just go ahead and fine them out of business or into a sustainable business model.

Badge of shame to Exxon.

If you are an investor, join the fossil fuel divestment movement by chucking fossils from your portfolio. At the very least, don’t go to their pumps.

PS If you check the embedded links in this article, you will find citations from The Guardian, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, just in case you were wondering about bias.


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