Disrupting the Automotive and Energy Industries with Clean Energy with David Slutzky


In this Sustainable Century Podcast listen to how CEO of Fermata Energy David Slutzky is using parked electrical vehicles (EVs) to make EVs and clean energy more affordable for everyone.

We have all heard of the amazing opportunities the green economy will create. Jobs and enterprises we have yet to even dream of….

David Slutzky is one of the brave new economy pioneers, creating something where nothing before existed. The goal of his business, Fermata Energy, is quite astounding. It is to make your electric vehicle (EV) write you a check.

Ok, not exactly. But Fermata is working to connect EVs to the power grid.

Why?  To provide a place to store clean energy for use when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing. Imagine all cars in the USA as big moving batteries, which together could store enough electricity to meet all domestic energy needs! Creating this kind of massive storage capacity is imperative if the USA is to rely primarily on clean energy.

So, David is an engineer, right?


He is a Philosopher!  In fact, he is the only Philosopher on the faculty of Engineering at the University of Virginia – or maybe the only one on any engineering faculty in the world.

David’s goal, or intention as he is explains it? Nothing more than disrupting the entire automotive and energy industries with clean energy. How is that for American entrepreneurial spirit!


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