Get these CARBON DEATH Stocks out of my Portfolio Now!


According to the SIF USA, it takes only a few clients asking for sustainable and responsible investments to get an investment fund advisor or investment company to respond with sustainability-based products/ investment decisions. 

I know many good folks really do want to get their investments more aligned with their values because I spoke with hundreds of you all while writing my book Invest Like You Give a Damn. 

The Devil is making me do it

Problem is ‘The Devil of Inertia’ tends to stop you from writing the very simple letter required to get investment advisors off their butts and doing the right thing. (See Chapter 16 of my book)

With this in mind, I wrote a template letter for investors to send their advisors/ fund managers to rid them of oil and coal stocks.

Carbon out first

Why just these? Because there is no defense for these carbon death stocks. None. Start with them and the rest of all things good can follow.

My template is a bit tounge and cheek, so editing may be required depending on your temprement. 

If you want a economic/ financial rational, see my take on climate stranded assets and you will see why getting rid of carbon death is not just a good sustainability move, but a good financial play as well.

Good luck and go get  them!

Divest Me from Coal and Oil Stocks

Dear Investment Advisor,

I recently noted my investment portfolio [Name of Fund] holds stocks of [Name of Carbon Death Company(ies)].

Did you know that the average global temperature has risen almost 3.5 degrees over the point at which our environment can comfortably support human life?

[Name(s) of Carbon Death Company] contributes directly to this problem. Please divest these stocks now.

Please do not respond by telling me we need to ‘time’ the sale (for profits) unless you are referring to timing as the planet is melting faster than we expected so we have to sell this/these stock(s) now type of timing. I will not maximize returns on this/these horrible stock(s) by timing the sell.

I don’t care about minor financial losses this action could incur. Indeed, I will hug and thank you for them. And besides, I assume you are a good financial advisor and can replace these horrid stocks with something cleaner and equally profitable. If not, perhaps I should reconsider why you are managing my portfolio.

Please know I will be sending a letter to my social media Maven and Maverick friends who will gladly celebrate your response publicly (many, many times over), whatever it may be.

Please, choose life.

I have attached below links to several articles for your information on climate change if you remain unconvinced. 

I look forward hearing from you and within a week never seeing this/these horrid stock(s) in my portfolio ever again.


Recommended Climate Change Readings

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Moving the United States toward a 100% clean energy economy (Bloomberg)

How to Reduce Investment Risk From Climate Change and Other ESG Woes: Consider warnings from BlackRock, the new S&P 500 ESG Index and Morningstar’s latest Sustainability Atlas rankings.

Climate Change and the Ocean: A Stark Message from the IPCC

Feature image: Jack Bucholtz saved to kozmik Collages of Calgary Title: ” Devil of a Devil Down at the Oil Field ” (collage;2013)


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