Inner Rebels Unite for Good


For years, the pressure of “conventional” has conditioned us.  News, commercials, social media…. and we all start to look and act a certain way around 35 (yes even Millennials).

Conventional is not bad, it’s got some good things.

But it has led to bland convenience over outrageous experience; a daily race over prolonged moments of pleasure; superstores over cool niche shops; tasteless over intense; endless desire over lasting satisfaction.

Maybe we can’t change convention, but we can engage in micro acts of rebellion:

Resistance is not futile. Ignite your inner rebel. Don’t let convention stand in way.

This blog post was inspired by my ongoing research for Invest Like You Give a Damn (New Society, fall 2017) where I am interviewing 60 to 100 people on how they align or not, their sustainability values with their investments and financial planning.


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