Introducing The Sustainable Century Six Pack of Blog Readings!


The Sustainable Century Six Pack features six Sustainable Century blog posts read by Marc de Sousa Shields author of the Sustainable Century by Design and Disaster™ blog and book (forthcoming).

The Sustainable Century Six Pack No. 1 explores a range of issues from leadership vision and building corporate sustainability Dream Teams, to having coffee with the worst sustainability corporate skeptic.

Readings include:

  1. Just a Snicker away from more and better corporate Sustainability
  2. Hemingway on Sustainability Reporting: Don’t be Hollow be Material
  3. Sustainability Leadership and the Vision Collaborative
  4. Sustainability Strategy Dream Team
  5. Now I’m No Anthropologist
  6. Sustainability Visionary Leadership needs to give way in part to Sustainability Managerial Leadership

Download and enjoy your The Sustainable Century Six Pack every month!

Check out The Sustainable Century Podcast ™ featuring interviews with sustainability leaders and doers from around the world.





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