Invest Like You Give a Damn – Available November 2017….


….You want your money to do good, but your pension is riddled with oil and defense companies. Besides, investing is a pain in the ass. It’s tedious, and most sustainable and responsible investing books are as much fun as a root canal. You’re fighting the urge to bury your head in the sand. What to do…..?

This year must be the worst and the best year for publishing a book on a sustainability theme.Madre Tierra is in revolt. Earthquakes, hurricanes, and icebergs the size oPraise Bosf small states cleave into the news daily.

And if this wasn’t enough, we have Trump nastily lashing out at every effort to advance racial, class, cultural, economic, social equality and justice.

When I wrote Invest Like You Give a Damn during the Obama administration, there were many signs that “things sustainable” were progressing. The Paris Accord on Climate, nuclear deals providing a long-term basis for engagement, successful solar and wind energy subsidies, improved financial regulations, partnership building to support developing countries, and much more made us believe a sustainable world economy was possible.

I still think this is true, even as the daily news may have us believe otherwise.

I also want to to thank the belligerent, bigoted American President for putting obstacles in our way. For while he might have energized a small selfish group on the right, he has literally ignited the righteous fire of selfless folks across the political spectrum to rise-up and join arms in making the world a better place for all humans and the environment.

I am proud to contribute to this movement in my own small way with the coming publication of Invest Like You Give a Damn.

Written for all Americans, ILYGD hopes to inspire thousands of people to align their investment portfolios, large or small, with the values they hold dear, values shared by millions of others who also want to contribute to a sustainable world.

Invest Like You Give a Damn is a different kind of investment book. It tells real life stories of people just like you. People who give a damn but who have stomped the devil of inertia and chosen to align their money with their values. It’s a simple to use, some tell me humorous, do it yourself guide which includes:

  • Why you need to give a damn about your investments
  • Engaging investor stories to guide financial planning and investment decisions
  • Ground-breaking financial and SRI asset allocation tool for profit and sustainability impact maximization
  • Money makeover profiles
  • How-to investing from one-click to deep-dive portfolio building

If you want to pre-order ILYGD get it at New Society Publishers and support this feisty and amazing small sustainability publishing company. It’s also available on Amazon etc.


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