Invest Like you Give a Damn! Update


Over the last few weeks, I have interviewed over 30 investors with sustainability values. Few had aligned their investments with their values (most felt bad about this!)…. but it was still entertaining and enlightening talking with them, so thought I would share some tidbits from interviews (and one from my research)!

Awesome Great Quotes…

On understanding Best of Class investments (i.e., only the best performing socially and environmentally in each sector are included in a fund portfolio)….

Best of Class sustainable investment mutual funds: isn’t that like keeping the
axe murders out of the party (or portfolio!) but the drug dealers
and car thieves are more than welcome…

On why an interviewee doesn’t make sustainable investments…

…..being constantly overwhelmed by life… align my 401k with my values? Take on another
project….. with no support system or framework…? Right.

On researching financial advisors….

….I did more research buying a printer on line than I did to find my financial planner….

On investing generally ….

….my recent (conventionally invested) 401k is performing poorly, makes you want to stop investing,
but conventional wisdom tells you to ride it out. I don’t know. Are we are living in conventional world anymore….? Can we rely on conventional wisdom…?

On describing the issues facing Millennials…(quoted from the Guardian)

“You want me to sum up the main issues facing an entire generation in an entire country?
That sounds less scientific than a f@#king horoscope, you mad bastards.”

REMEMBER!!! If you know someone who would like to be interviewed let me know at…. remember they must be US or Canadian citizens and be between 30 and 50 more or less!  Interviewees get a free book and free participation in a financial planning seminar!

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Invest Like You Give a Damn, forthcoming fall 2017, New Society Publishers….


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