Sustainable Century Podcast Featuring Coro Strandberg….


Coro Strandberg is a Canadian thought leader in corporate sustainability… simple as that.

In our upcoming discussion on The Sustainable Century Podcast, Coro and I discuss corporate social value creation, transformational companies, and why it’s in a company’s interest to help resolve some seemingly intractable social, economic and environmental challenges.

Coro is head of Strandberg Consulting, a Vancouver, BC Canada-based advisory helping companies, industry associations and government accelerate sustainability through business.  She was a long standing member of the board of directors of VanCity Credit Union and named the top CSR Consultant in Canada by Canada’s Clean50 this year, amongst other positions and awards!

Reach out to Coro at , or on Twitter @SustainOurWorld

Or check out #TheSustainableCentury on Twitter or @CSRCounts

SCDD 2 The Sustainable Century Podcast Series – With new interviews every two weeks, the series features leaders, doers and stakeholders working for more and better corporate, consumer and stakeholder sustainability….


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