Leading Transformation from Pandemic to Regeneration…. 3 Interactive Discussions


Leading Transformation from Pandemic to Regenerative is a three-event on-line salon series featuring prominent Gen Z and Millennial thinkers and contributors to a more sustainable, happier, healthier, more equitable world.

May 26, June 03 and June 10

For more on your participation information write – info@esglobal.com

The objective of Leading Transformations is to promote important voices and visions of leading Gen Zs and Millenials whose lives depend on a sustainable economy and world.

The event format is an ‘open salon’ discussion (Zoom platform), and will address three key sustainability themes, focusing on opportunities provided by the current Covid19 pandemic to pivot to a sustainable future.

  • 3 Provocative discussion salons giving Voice to the Vision of
  • 9 Incredible Gen Z and Millennial Sustainability Thinkers and Doers with
  • 1  Critical Goal: How to pivot from Covid19 to a Happier, Healthier, More Equitable World

Engaging, Open Salon Format 

  • Salon 1  – Communities Leading Transitions to Sustainable – May 26 – 6pm GST
  • Salon 2  – Regions Connecting the Dots of Sustainable Change – June 03
  • Salon 3  – Transforming interconnected Global Systems – June 10

For more on your participation information write – info@esglobal.com

Salon Format – 50-minute live on Zoom discussion salons each featuring 3 speakers giving 2 to 3-minute thought provoking presentations followed by interactive discussion with 15 to 20 highly engaged audience members from a variety of demographics.

Limited audience size, write for participation information now…. info@esglobal.com



Leading Transformation is produced by thesustainablecentury.net a multimedia news and entertainment initiative popularizing and promoting all things sustainable.

For more on your participation information write – info@esglobal.comJune 


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