Mexico: A Democracy in Progress a TSC Podcast with Carlos Perez Verdia

Carlos Perez Verdia, former senior advisor to President of Mexico, Peña Nieto, discussess Mexico's brand, narcos, immgration, trade, institutional develpment, energy and the potential for sustainability.


Mexico’s brand has not done well of late in the international, and particularly, the US press

It’s a fantastic and wonderous country for all its faults.  But few outside of Mexico get more than distilled images of narcos and corruption, and beaches and mariachis. And what about the country’s dependence on petroleum revenue?

Our guest on The Sustainable Century Solutions Podcast, Carlos Perez Verdia, is a Mexican economist of note.  He was an executive at the Central Bank of Mexico, an Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund representing Mexico, Central America, Spain and Venezuela, and held various positions, including head of advisors to the President, in the Peña Nieto  administration (2012 to 2018). Carlos is now with Simbiosis EcoNOMica


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