Modest Solar Subsidies in Germany and Big Energy Sustainability Myopia: Something To Celebrate


A mere $23 billion or so in solar subsidies helps the Germans generate over 50% of its electricity needs on really sunny days.

Compare that with the $5 trillion in global subsidies for fossil fuels and we see what a great deal the Germans got on competitively priced energy while dramatically lowering overall carbon emissions.

That 46% of German solar was installed by individuals and farmers is incredible and exciting, especially as only 7% of alternative power was provided by the country’s big 4 energy companies . Indeed, German fossil fuel companies fought furiously to forestall clean energy reforms “which, had they embraced may have led them to long term relevance.”

Chevron and Exxon recently announced they too would take the path of fool hearty and denial. In response to BP and Shell’s call to the UN for help pricing carbon, Exxon chief Rex Tillerson said “We’re not going to be disingenuous about it (climate change). We’re not going to fake it.”

Big energy myopia is something to celebrate, encourage, facilitate (maybe even subsidize?).

Decentralization of energy production is as desirable as it is inevitable. It has massive implications not just for carbon reduction, but will free us from the historic grip of energy oligarchies, upon which it would seem the sun is finally about to set.


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