Save the World with a Clean A*S


What would you say to getting $250 a year by becoming a #ClimateCrisis hero and you don’t even have to leave home to do it?


For the first $200, that’s easy. Stop using paper towels. Simple as that.

The Average American Family uses about $200 a year on paper towels. You can use cloth towels, which cost as little as $0.40 each. Better yet, cut up old tee shirts. That’s free.

Now your next $50?

Well you are going to have to get over a few things for this next one. But I guarantee you, once you do, you will save more  money and be healthier for it.

Ready…..Stop using toilet paper.

The Average American uses about 52 rolls of toilet paper a year. At an average cost of USD 0.9 per roll that’s around $46.

‘Ok’ you say, but I’m not touching ‘that idea’ to save 46 bucks, no way.

It’s not as bad as you think…

To that I say, pinch.

That is, take a single sheet of toilet paper and pinch ‘that idea’ off. Then, like the rest of the world, use water to actually clean things up.

“If a bird pooped on you, you wouldn’t wipe it off with tissue. You’d use water and soap.

Why treat your butt differently?”

Before you start with the all the well-intended hygiene arguments, stop. You already know in your heart it all just obfuscation, and that using a bit of paper and then water to actually clean up is the most efficient and effective way to nether region health and hygiene

(and don’t let the Butt Paper Association’s vested interests tell you different).

Did you know… according to the Environmental Protection Agency, forests and other nonagricultural lands absorb 13 percent of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions.  Imagine leaving more forests standing by reducing paper towel and toilet paper use!

Your sustainability bragging rights carbon bonus

Paper Towels, especially, are complicit

If you save annually what the Average American Family pays for paper towels you avoid cutting down 1.25 trees a year. 

That means you don’t put 485 pounds (220 kilos) of carbon in the atmosphere each year. And the trees you don’t cut down? Another 110 pounds (50 kilos – depending on the variety).

That’s a net 595 pounds (270 kilos) of carbon that isnt messing up the planet!

Toilet paper bad health, worse carbon

The Average American Family of four produces 520 pounds (309 kilos) of carbon annually using toilet paper.  That’s about two trees which on average take out 220 kilos (100 kilos) of carbon net annually.

Your net toilet paper carbon savings is 740 pounds (336 kilos).

The Grand total…..

If you stop using paper towels and take care of ‘that pinching idea’ more hygienically, you save USD 250 a year.

Do it and you also save net 1,335 pounds (606 kilos) of carbon, or the same wieght as 200 building bricks.

Now each time you visit the loo or wipe the table: Shazam! you are a #ClimateCrisis Rebel.

Bonus Content

If every American went for a water-only-truly-clean-butt option, the world would save an incredible 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper a year.

Its also a lot of money, over $10 billion, in fact.

It’s also a lot of money and carbon for a lot of dead trees.

Actually, its 182 million trees knocked down and net negative 9.1 billion pounds of carbon spewed forth on behalf of half clean neither regions.

So what are you going to do?

XR forever, use water.


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