Smashing TVs & Twitter: 25 years of Social Enterprise Wisdom – Podcast with Eric Steedman


Join host Marc de Sousa Shields and guest Eric Steedman, a leading Canadian social enterprise expert whose mission is to make business responsive to the needs of community and the environment, as they discuss how social enterprise can address critical social and economic challenges. From bee keeping to communal gardens, from food security work to housing, and more, Eric describes numerous, exciting social enterprises working to make communities healthier, happier, and more sustainable, including his own intergenerational home renovation project.

Eric has dedicated his life to create a more sustainable world, both working and living his values, and call us all to “Think about what you can do, because the answer comes from everyone; and, think of how you can engage innovatively and creativity in the local context; ultimately, we are just naked apes with an advanced brain…. I hope….’ So, let’s use them to help one another!

You can reach out to Eric at or via

Learn more about social enterprise at or check out the Canadian CED Network.

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