Stop Plastic Use One Bees’ Wax Wrap at a Time


Plastic and bees. That is what this article is about. It’s all about love (bees) and vexing (plastics).

It’s a simple story. Let me start at the beginning.

A simple gift from a friend

This summer we had a great holiday in Canada spending time catching up with our friends and enjoying a bit of nature.

One day, we stopped by Colborn, Ontario to see Ana and Steve, neighbors from the time we lived in Toronto. After a great lunch at their amazingly treed property (Canada is full of trees, thanks be to the gods), Ana took my seventeen year old daughter Zoe aside and gave her a special parting gift as friends are like to do.

Later, Zoe showed me the present. It was Madebybees cotton cloth infused with bee wax, tree resin, and organic jojoba oil. “Its for covering food, Pa,” she said with the simple happiness discovering something good brings, “We can get rid of plastic leftover wrapping at home now.”

Its true! Turns out the bees wax wraps covers all sorts of stuff. Its washable and endlessly reusable. Best of all, it really does replace plastic wrap.

Plastic, huh! Whats it good for? Absolutely nothing…. oh darn its so useful!

Plastic. It’s a curse for all its blessings.

Its light, convenient, cheap, and it is literally everywhere.

It’s in our fridges, cars, tools, toothpaste, food, ten kilometers below the surface of the ocean in the Mariana Trench (Pacific Ocean), and frozen in mountain glaciers. The world, according to National Geographic, is literally swiming in discarded plastics.

We know its bad but what to do?

As with any enormous problem, a great approach to the solution is to break it down. Replacing one plastic thing every couple of months, for example. Or in this case, one plastic food wrap at a time.

And the bees….

What about the bees?

My daughter and I decided any job we can give these industrious creatures the better.  Their habitats are under enormous stress, and declining bee populations pose a real threat to global food supplies.

Don’t be vexed by ubiquitous plastic. You can do something about it one step at a time.

A good first one: love to wrap up your leftovers with the incredible work of bees, such amazing creatures!


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