Sustainability Hopes and Who Pays the Price? – with Heather White


In this special edition of The Sustainable Century Podcast, host Marc de Sousa-Shields speaks with Heather White about sustainability in supply chains, brand responsibilities, vegans saving the world, and about her powerful new (forthcoming) film: Who Pays the Price – The Human Cost of Electronics.

Heather is an inspirational sustainability leader. In 1995, she founded Verite, a NGO dedicated to making corporate supply chains meet international sustainability standards. Verite went on to become recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative as an exemplary model of social entrepreneurship. Since then, Heather has advised global brands on supply chain, social monitoring and training issues, and undertook a fellowship at Harvard University.

Most recently, Heather has applied her wisdom, experience and compassion as a filmmaker to producing Who Pays the Price (currently in post productions –  see the trailer at

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