Unilever to Facebook with Expert’s Panel


Swamp of Fake News, Racism, Sexism & Extremism

With comments by Heather White, Tim Mohin, DAvid Chandler, Andrea Learned, John Friedman, Joel Solomon, and more…


Unilever says it could pull advertising from digital platforms like Facebook because they have become “ ‘swamps’ of fake news, racism, sexism, and extremism.”

This is on the heels of Blackrock CEO Larry Fink’s recent warning to corporate America where he said to capture Blackrock interest companies will need to bring social value to the table, and not just the pursuit of profit.

Two big announcements. What are experts thinking? And will there be lasting and meaningful impact on the way companies do business?

Listen to written and recorded thoughts of Heather White, founder of Verite and Co producer of Complicit; Tim Mohin, CEO of the Global Reporting Initiative; David Chandler, Author of Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Sustainable Value Creation; Oliver Balch sustainability writer (The Daily Telegraph, Guardian and Times); Andrea Learned, Climate Action Communications Strategist and recognized Twitter Influencer; John Friedman, Sustainability Professional; Joel Solomon, Author of The Clean Money Revolution; and Fred Bentler, Sustainability Tweeter Extraordinaire!



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