Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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How to fix Climate Change: Nationalize Big Oil

In 2018, more human produced carbon was disgorged into our biosphere than any other year, yet Big Oil drags it feet on change. With the clock of irreversible ecological damage running out, the only possible solution we can enact in time: nationalize Big Oil.

Disrupting the Automotive and Energy Industries with Clean Energy with David...

David Slutsky's Fermanta Energy is disrupting energy and automotive industries by connecting electrical vehicles (EV) to the grid, making EVs and clean energy more affordable for all.... and saving the planet!

Exxon and a Badge of Shame

Yesterday we learned that Exxon will ban The Guardian newspaper from attending its annual general meeting for what it calls “biased” reporting. Biased? As in Exxon's...

#Degriding Ourselves of Corporate Energy

There are so many hopeful alternative power technologies that 100% renewable is possible in the very near future. This is great, but there is more...
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