Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Ecology, Leadership & the End of Civilization

This morning I revisited two amazing articles which I wanted to share with you all this weekend. One is from March of this year, published...

Social Development in Ethiopia with Ruth Solomon

In this edition of The Sustainable Century Podcast, host Marc de Sousa-Shields speaks with Ruth Solomon. Ruth is director of Organization for Social Development in Ethiopia, a vibrant country, rich in culture at the cross roads of Africa and Arabia. Its recent history is one where hope and poverty abound in frequent destabilizing events from war, to mass immigration in and out of the country.

Ending Poverty is Key to Sustainability

Human development and contributions to sustainability is blocked by poverty. Imagine a world where economic equity and justice ignited the passion and genius of a million Roberta Menchu Tums, Nelson Mandelas, Mahatma Gandhis, Octavio Pazes and Muhamad Yunnises.
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