Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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A Sustainability Journey from India to Vancouver

Join Anuja Sawant as she recounts her journey from India to Canada via New Jersey, sharing her stories...

Patagonia Puts Corporate America Shame

Corporate America enriches itself with stock buybacks while Patagonia invests in a sustainable future Today, Patagonia rejected the politics and policies of Trump by using...

VW Say it Aint So… An Enormous Sustainability and Brand Fail

VWs, I used to love them. But how can I now? How can anyone? Manipulating emissions tests? Wow? That’s the stuff of movies not real...

Corporate Social Value Creation with Coro Strandberg – Part 1

In this episode of The Sustainable Century podcast, host Marc de Sousa Shields speaks with Coro Strandberg about shared value, her vision of transformational...

Who do you Trust More: Investment Banks or Fossil Fuel Companies?

Is this the haze of arrogance obscuring the many important and necessary things investment banks do?

Sustainable Century Podcast Featuring Coro Strandberg….

Coro Strandberg is a Canadian thought leader in corporate sustainability… simple as that. In this show, Coro and Marc discuss corporate social value creation, transformational companies, and why it’s in a company’s interest to help resolve some seemingly intractable social, economic and environmental challenges. Coro is head of Strandberg Consulting, a Vancouver, BC Canada-based advisory providing market-based strategic counsel to businesses, governments and non-profits.

Inaugural – Are Stakeholders Responsible for Corporate Sustainability? with David Chandler...

In this inaugural episode of The Sustainable Century Podcast, David Chandler of the University of Colorado discusses corporate sustainability strategy with host Marc de Sousa Shields, exploring the themes of corporate stakeholder influence, responsible consumerism and who is a fault when things go really bad for companies. With a PhD and MS in Management, David knows his stuff! He is co-author of Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Stakeholders, Globalization, and Sustainable Value Creation.
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