The Climate Strikers are comming: watch out Big Oil


Climate Strikers now threaten the vested interest of Big Oil.  Bravo. Let’s help the kids out by letting Big Oil unequivocally understand it’s time to change or else…. Proposal for how below!

Greta Thunberg continues to kill it in America in anticipation of the global #Climate Strike set for September 20th  three days before world leaders meet in New York for the United Nations Emergency Climate Summit.

Good for her and millions of other activists as they continue to push governments and companies to act on our planetary climate crisis.

They are having an impact

You may have missed the news last month when Greta et al drew the ire of the Organization of Petroleum Countries. Turns out, OPEC is more than a little concerned a bunch of school kids will ruin their party by displacing its ability to dictate energy policy.


Said OPEC Secretary General Mohammad Barkindo last month, “unscientific” attacks by climate activists were “perhaps the greatest threat to our industry going forward.” “mobilization” against oil was beginning to “dictate policies and corporate decisions, including investment in the industry.

They may not know how, but they know why

Ok, maybe the kids can’t tell us scientifically all the ways why oil is bad for the world.  But they sure do know just how bad it is for their future.

Niether can they identify all the economic consequences of ending oil as quickly as we need to. Unburdened by anything but an undeniable truth, kids fear the consequences of climate change more than the loss of a bit of short term profit.

As for you  Mr. Barkindo, please just read the IPCC report.


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