This Week in Sustainability….EU Heroes, Push the Divestment Button Already, and Melaw Nakehk’o Flexes Ecological


Even though the European Union announced some exciting plans for pivoting to ‘sustainable’ post coronavirus, it remains unclear if other countries and companies will do the same. 

Will we revert to normal or to something far better? 


I am not letting #ConfirmationVirus get the better of my estimation. My Twitter account tells me to be optimistic, yet other incidences this week brought on my sustainability manic.

No more words, no more tragedies

How can a police officer murder a person simply because of the color of their skin? In the light of day, surrounded by others!? My gods, its 2020. I cannot believe I had to write that. It is so far beyond my capacity to understand. If anyone stays silent in the face of this tragedy, the disgrace of letting it happen in our communities, state, or country, then we are complicit with the terrible thuggery that begets racism and hate. Jail is barely good enough for those responsible – at the highest and lowest levels – for letting this happen, inciting it to happen.

Like inequality and racism, we’ve not the time for words, only action counts now if we are to repair and regenerate a healthy climate and ecosystems. No more gaseous, proclamations, promises of change from companies like Blackrock, the giant asset investment manager, will do.

Please, we simply cannot afford but to strand oil and gas assets now. We can’t afford incremental change to the status quo just to save CEO’s bloated paychecks, shareholder profits, and corporate assets.

No more. Divest from the nasty black and noxious gas, terrible coal and corrosive commercial agriculture. Now.

Arden is a goddess on earth

And why don’t we opt for a four-day week as suggested by goddess-on-earth New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden?

Share work, so we all have it? What a concept.

Or what about paying family members for working at home or supporting our elders using the support of a universal basic income?

And while we are at it, lets get rid of the GDP. As a measure of our welfare its fake, and bewitches us with false promise. Lets just refuse to use it. Lets throw it out. Like a Trump tweet, it tells us nothing, yet we analyze it, obsess over it, breathe life into its fake measure of welfare fire.

Melaw Nakehk’o flexes ecological

Finally, and to leave on a positive note, Melaw Nakehk’o, Dene artist, model, actor, and more, took her family to live in the bush in the Northwest Territories. For the geographically challenged among us , that is in Canada, very, very far north in Canada. Its where the caribou outnumber people by a truly healthy margin.

Melaw had had enough of the white guys’ pandemic and got off the grid for over a month. Imagine what that could do? The things you could learn. The things you would unlearn. Mothers are amazing, First Nations mothers even more.

Oh, and btw, if I were Prime Minister of Canada, I’d give the First Nations anything they asked for, we’ve been stiffing them on the rent for centuries.

Join me for this and more, This Week in Sustainability.


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