Torn and Divided: American Shadow Returns, again.


Ever wonder why humanitarian and violent crisis brings out the best of us, yet we allow the causes of these crises to go unattended?

It is culturally acceptable to give blankets, water, and food to the poor and afflicted. When see a poor person on the street, we give them a dollar and it makes us feel good.

Yet is often still unacceptable to fix our attention on the causes of a given crisis. How many times have you wanted to speak up against an injustice, yet didn’t because it may offend? What if I say:

  • Damn the Flag which does not stand for equality for all, so I will not stand for it. Capture
  • Damn the People who fight in wars, they are enablers.
  • Damn the Second Amendment which allows mass murders.
  • Damn the Government which will not care for the people under its charge.
  • Damn the companies which create climate change.

Would I be celebrated or suppressed?

In Las Vegas, the Shadow of Stephen Paddock, 64, emerged. We don’t know why , but one thing is certain: the more Americas are suppressed, the more these incidents will happen.

Psychologically whole individuals and nations must have healthy, open, fair minded debate and dialogue. Without it, the frustrated, unattended, rotten roots of our Shadows will emerge.

America is not healthy, and this is a sad, tragic day for the country. There will be many more of these days if truth, openness, and love do not become the very first policy of this torn and divided nation.

For action on gun control, I invite you to read Nicholas Kristof’s fine piece in the NYT at:


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