Trans-Pacific Partnership and G7 – Already Punting Climate Change Hopes?


In the days after the Group of Seven (G7) announced 2100 decarbonization, I have written more than a few articles, bushels of emails, and innumerous tweets on what may be the turning point in the climate change battle.

For some reason, however, each time I wanted to type “G7”  I would type G8 thinking of Russia, and worse, each time my finger refused to un-shift after pressing the G and hitting the 8.

As any touch typist knows, an un-shifted 8 gets you an “8” whereas a shifted 8 you get an “*” or an asterisk.

Not coincidentally perhaps, * is used in writing as a reference mark for a qualification or to indicate omission, doubtful content etc.

What my finger knew in revolt was good news fades fast.

And it has.

All this week, G* team member President Obama, along with the presumed moral support of his Canadian and Japanese mates, worked feverishly to fast-track the climate-opaque Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

In a blog earlier in the week I suggested G* leaders were punting on climate. Ink on the G* Field of Daisies photo wasn’t even dry and climate was once more and again the world’s political football despite dire need for brave political action.


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