Transforming the Economy through Caring: A conversation with Dr. John Ehrenfeld


Desperately seeking technological fixes that maintain the current reductionist, Cartesian-based economic model will not get us to sustainable argues Dr. John Ehrenfeld, author and professor emeritus of MIT.  The only hope to save ‘ourselves from ourselves’ he says, is to develop a Caring Economy where we care more about each other than what we can consume.

The world is witnessing the emergence of youth as force fighting against climate change and mass extinction.

It is a wondrous thing, and we can thank many, including John Ehrenfeld, professor emeritus of MIT and author, whose ongoing thinking and pioneering work prepares the way for building a sustainable world.

In his latest work, Flourishing: A Frank Conversation about Sustainability Dr. Ehrenfeld argues that a transformation away from a culture of fear and greed is fundamental to creating a flourishing and sustainable world.

With decade of work in the field and teaching, Dr. Ehrenfeld discusses with host Marc de Sousa-Shields the fundamental changes he thinks are required to build a happier and healthier, more sustainable world.

You can learn more about John’s work at

Or on Twitter @flourish2

Music on this pod was a taste of Counting Crows’ fine cover of Jodi Mitchell’s classic Big Yellow Taxi.


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