Urban Dynamics and Transformation to a Sustainable World

The Sustainable Century Podcast with urban sustainability expert George Benson

Even as substantial social, economic and environmental challenges abound in urban centres – growing inequality, over crowding, expensive housing, environmental degradation, entrenched interests and more – cities will play a vital role in the transition to a sustainable world.

Join host Marc de Sousa Shields and guest George Benson as they discuss the built environment, transportation, housing, urban economies. Learn how the dynamism and power of cities can be harnessed to meet our sustainability ambitions.

George Benson is a relentless and extraordinarily insightful advocate for all that the private and public sectors can do to transform our cities and economy for a healthier, happier, more just world.


Blade Runner Apocalyptic or Happier and Healthier, Sustainable Cities? podcast with Jo Flatt, Program Coordinator at Evergreen.

You Can’t Eat Grass! Ditch Your Lawn: Grow Food Instead!  with special podcast guest Lee Perry of Fleet Farming

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