VIDEO! A Family’s Garden Celebration and 3 Big Benefits of Gardening


The #Covid19 lockdown has rejuvenated home gardening. Everyone seems to be doing it. Gets you outside, gets your hands dirty, gets some fresh air in your lungs, and you can chat with the neighbors and passerbys (from a distance of course)!

Beyond this, gardening helps you in so many ways, from mental and physical health, to the health of your community and the world.

This short video by young producer-director Mateus de Sousa Shields, is a celebration of our family, dogs and chickens’ day in the garden.

I hope you can enjoy your own days in the garden, as many in our extended family are doing. If you can’t garden outside, you can do it inside, by the window, on the patio… anywhere there is light (unless its mushrooms you want to cultivate!). The main thing is to get something growing, you will feel great!

Hope you enjoy! Stay safe and garden!

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