You Can’t Eat Grass: Ditch Your Lawn & Grow Food Instead with Lee Perry


Join Lee Perry of Fleet Farming and The Sustainable Century Podcast host Marc de Sousa-Shields as they talk local food production and front yard gardens.

A lot has been made about kids skipping school to protest lack of adult action on climate change. This is appropriate and good.

But kids and young adults are not just protesting.

Many thousands, alone or in groups, are out there taking the tiger by the hand, creating innovative ways to tackle sustainability challenges.

One such group is Fleet Farming of Orlando, Florida. Fleet’s mission is to expand growing interest in the creation of sane and healthy local food systems. And they’re doing this by helping people of all ages create productive and profitable mini-farms in their front and back lawns.

Fleet Farming provides free education to lawn owners and has a veritable fleet of young farmers swarming from yard to yard, helping new urban farmers produce food for both consumption and sale!

Did you know… Each year Americans pour over 30,000 tons of pesticides on their lawns. That’s 2,223 average sized swimming pools full of the awful stuff. Stretched them end to end and it would take the average American 2 ½ hours to walk by.  How can this be healthy?

Over 40 million acres in the US are consumed by lawns. Imagine! That is 10% of all agricultural land in the country. Fleet Farming aims to change this stat. Its one of many innovative organizations seeking to replace grass you can’t eat with healthy and sane local food production. Sounds yum to me!

Listen to Lee as she introduces us to ‘farmlettes’ , ‘swarm-rides’ , ‘idea-hives’, and much more, and as she and Fleet Farming revolutionize the future of food in America.

Want to contact Fleet Farming….? or on Twitter @Fleetfarming

Check out more on The Sustainable Century where we recently talked food and (shhhhhh!) Secrets to Sustainability Decision Making!


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